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Serving Delicious Bubble Tea Drinks at Simon Fraser University (SFU) Burnaby

At Bubble World SFU, we love being at the centre of the campus community here at the top of Burnaby Mountain. It’s amazing to connect and share our love of bubble tea with students, staff and faculty members, residents living in the UniverCity, as well as visitors.

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Over 50 Flavours 😲

Tea or Coffee?
Fruit Tea or Slush?
Pearls or No Topping?
Hot or Cold?

Our menu has a good variety to satisfy whatever you feel like drinking today. Whether you are on the go, meeting up with friends, or just want to grab a drink and enjoy campus life, we can help you satisfy your Bubble Tea craving. Cheers!

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Bubble World SFU is located at the hub of Simon Fraser University Burnaby campus, conveniently situated on the 2nd floor at the food court of the Maggie Benston Centre (MBC). It’s a great space to hang out, study, or refuel.

Now it’s even more easily accessible from the new Student Union Building.

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Where To Find Us On Campus?

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University life is a balancing act

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You’re on a tight schedule so we work extra work to make sure we process your orders quickly while still maintaining the highest quality. We strive to keep wait times as short as possible so you can be where you need to be.

The fastest way to order a bubble tea is to order ahead online and pick it up at our ordering counter. You’ll be all set to go!

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